EWS Repair Service

The service area is one of the essential parts of our corporate philosophy.

All driven tool holders – irrespective of the manufacturer – are repaired in our repair shop in a professional way within just a few days.

The costs incurred are calculated and documented in a transparent way.
We do not carry out an order before we have received the customer approval.

Our service department also repairs third-party products of any kind in addition to EWS products.

Since we know that service always is a matter of trust, we have created a system that is transparent for the customers and always ensures traceability



Every repair passes through the same procedure:

  • Arrival of repair item and allocation of a repair number
  • Disassembly of the defective tool, identification of the required replacement parts
  • Detailed cost estimate for the customer quoting unit prices of replacement parts and labour time
  • Approval by the customer or return of unrepaired tool (lump sum charge)

  • Storage of the exchanged parts for 4 weeks at the site of EWS or return to the customer upon request
  • After four weeks disposal of the used parts

Contact person

Sebastian Weible

Operational Manager EWS Services

Tel.: +49(0)7161 93040-700

Fax: +49(0)7161 93040-9470

E-Mail: sebastian.weible@ews-tools.de

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