EWS millLine

EWS millLine

With its latest range of angular heads, EWS brings its trusted technology with new features to machining centres.


EWS SpinJet

EWS SpinJet

EWS SpinJet is the latest solution for high-speed precision machining. Driven by coolant, the high-seed spindle achieves rotational speeds of up to 60,000 rpm.



EWS Tapmatic thread cutting head with VDI shank

High-speed thread cutting with the new EWS TAPMATIC thread cutting head.


EWS tcJet

Image EWS tcJet

EWS tcJet transports the coolant through the inset directly to the cutter and guarantees optimal chip transport. 


EWS swivel head

Image EWS swivel head

Compact and stable – this is EWS' new swivel head. With a Cylkro drive system...


Turning and cutting on one station

EWS DMG NZ tool Capto

External turning on the counter spindle and drilling or cutting...


Restraint is the key

EWS HSK63 collet holder

With a short design, the new EWS collet holders for multitasking machines enable...


EWS quick-change system

EWS disc turret VDI40

With its new range of turrets, the EWS Group offers a complete service  for machine builders.



EWS Calibrit

Image EWS Calibrit

Measuring device for setting tool change systems...


EWS Rigid

EWS Rigid drilling rod with HSK holder

EWS takes measures against vibrations in deep drilling.


EWS Swiss tools

EWS tool holder fixture for Swiss-type turning tools

EWS quality now available for Swiss-type lathes.


EWS Flexicenter

Cutting keyway grooves in the P7 area without Y-axis.


EWS Adjust

EWS Adjust radial drill and milling head

"Give me a long enough lever and a place to stand, and I will move the Earth


(Archimedes, law of leverage, 250 BC)


EWS Trifix®

Trifix is the alignment system for Gildemeister drilling and milling centres


EWS modular mill

EWS Swivelling modular mill

Modular milling on CNC lathes without a B axis


Years ago, EWS was the first tool manufacturer of modular milling heads...


EWS Proline

EWS Proline Axial tool

The best of both worlds!


Insufficient stability – this was a fact increasingly associated with the VDI system in recent years.


EWS Varia VX

EWS Varia VX product image

The new quick-change system for heavy cutting.

Tool change in only 20 seconds...



EWS Multiform radial tool holder

Produce any centric or eccentric form with 4, 6 or 8 edges, polygonal or free form using the EWS Multiform on CNC turning/milling centres...




EWS Centerpoint

EWS Centerpoint image, use in a lathe

The flexible centring tip for counter spindles...


EWS Drillstar

EWS Drillstar tool in milling spindle

Through an intelligent arrangement of tools, the new EWS Drillstar offers enormous tool protrusion lengths in spite of a limited overall tool diameter.


Keyway broaching

EWS Radial slot head in CNC lathe

Slot broaching on lathes is a common thing. What's new is to speed up this operation with low stress for the machine...


EWS ZeroZero

EWS ZeroZero clamping nut for maximum concentric accuracy

Achieve 0 concentricity using a simple collet chuck in less than a minute...


Universal mounting block UMB 100

Mounting aid universal mounting block UMB 100

Mounting tools safely and in the right position with utmost flexibility...


Tool provisioning trolley

EWS tool provisioning trolley
EWS tool shuttle: Tool trolley for carrying individual tool holders ...